6 Tips for Caring for Ceramic Braces

Published March 30, 2018 in Braces

March 30, 2018

Dr. Charles Gemmi

To feel the most confident while wearing your ceramic braces, you need to take really good care of the braces and your teeth because ceramic braces can unfortunately stain easily. The elastic ligatures used to hold the archwires attached to the brackets are especially prone to staining. Usually clear or white ligatures are used with ceramic braces for a more discrete look, but these elastics are highly susceptible to color degradation. There is the option to get self-ligating ceramic braces though so if you have gotten your braces on yet, ask your orthodontist about it.

Here are 6 tips for caring for your ceramic braces:

1. Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

While you would normally brush your teeth two or three times a day, with ceramic braces you should brush your teeth after every meal to prevent staining. This good habit will ensure that all food color and plaque and bacteria are immediately washed out of your mouth, leaving your teeth and braces fresh and clean. You will have less risk of tooth decay during your orthodontic treatment if you do this as well.

2. Don’t Forget to Floss and Rinse

You want to do everything possible to keep your teeth and ceramic braces looking good so make sure to floss after each meal as well as even after snacks if possible. And in the morning and at night use mouthwash to reach all those nooks and crannies that hard to get with the toothbrush and floss. Most orthodontists recommend getting a water pick to make it easier to get all the food particles and plaque that can build up during the day.

3. Stop Smoking Full Stop

Smoking is bad for your health for lots of reasons and on top of that it also tends to stain your ceramic braces, the elastic ligatures, and your teeth giving everything an unhealthy looking yellow sheen. And these stains tend to get really deep and are hard to remove. If you are a smoker, but want to get ceramic braces, it is best to go cold turkey before even getting them put on.

4. Learn What Foods to Avoid

Red colored food like tomatoes and tomato paste are big stain culprits so you should avoiding eating them during your treatment. Mustard, soda, coffee and wine are also to be abstained from as well.

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5. Don’t Use Whitening Toothpaste

While using whitening toothpaste might seem like a good idea to keep your teeth and braces looking their best that is not really the case. Because the toothpaste can’t get behind the ceramic braces, you will have different shading of your teeth when the braces finally come off.

6. Don’t Skip Out on Your Regular Orthodontic Appointments

Remember the best way to keep track of your oral health and teeth appearance during your treatment is not to miss any of your orthodontic appointments. This way you will get the adjustments you need and any replacements that will you maintain a beautiful smile all the way through your treatment.

Here are also some more general tips for taking care of your braces:

  • Soothing the Pain Related to Braces. A common complaint from patients wearing braces is that they experiences some soreness and discomfort from the tightness of the wires or the chafing of loose wires inside your mouth. Ask your orthodontist about special wax that can help protect the inside of your mouth. You can also try a pain reliever like Orajel. If the pain gets severe, call your Orthodontist right away.
  • Always Be Prepared. If you are on the go all the time, it can be difficult to always make time to brush and floss and take care of your mouth properly. If you are prepared for any situation however, you will never have to worry about not be able to practice good oral hygiene again. Just make yourself a little kit complete with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and wax that you can carry with you all the time.
  • How to Handle Damage to Your Braces. It is inevitable that at some point the wear and tear of daily living is going to damage your braces. If one of your wires or brackets break, but there was no damage to the teeth themselves, then don’t panic. There is no need to rush in for an emergency appointment. Also avoid bending the wire or trying to pull it out. That will only cause more damage. Instead just cover any sharp edges with wax and make an appointment to see your orthodontist as soon as possible.

Should I Wear a Mouthguard?

Getting injured with wearing braces you increase the damage done and delay your treatment progress. To reduce the risk of this happening, you should always where a mouthguard during athletic activities.

There are typically three different types of mouthguards. You can get one custom-fitted which is more expensive, but at least you know it fits perfectly. The other options are to get a boil and bite version that you can buy at a sporting goods or drug store. You will need to boil them in hot water and then bite down so it will shape itself to fit your mouth. The least expensive are the type that are pre-molded. While cheaper, these might not fit right and so does not offer the best protection.

To ensure that your treatment goes smoothly make sure you talk to your orthodontist about the best ways to keep your mouth safe and healthy during treatment. The better prepared you are, the better results you will experience.
For more tips for caring for your ceramic braces and how to keep a healthy mouth, contact Orthodontics Limited today.

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  1. Chandu Naidu says:

    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips on caring for ceramic braces.

  2. Ellie Davis says:

    Thank you for suggesting that you need to make sure and brush your teeth after every meal. My son is in need of braces and I think he would benefit from ceramic braces. I’ll have to look into finding the best orthodontist possible.

  3. Shubhi says:

    I’m under treatment, it’s been a month now and I’ve noticed that my alignment has gone so bad that I notice that my lower jaw rushes towards my left while I speak. I look a little abnormal while speaking. Is it common and It’ll be fine or is it something to worry about? What do I do about it?

  4. I am also undertreatment but my braces are broke day by day pls suggest me wht i am doing

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    I Am really thankful that you devoted your precious time for writing the tips on caring for ceramic braces. It is an informative blog for people who are having a ceramic braces.Thank You. Keep Sharing!

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